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ARES Wand Personal Massager

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One of our top five favorites is the ARES Personal Massager - This smart wand massager is made from Silicone+ABS (plastic) and has 12 different powerful vibration settings, but is really quiet 🤫 (<50dbs).

It measures 2 inches wide (50mm) and 8.5 inches long (216mm) with an angel head top.

No need to hide this one because you can use it to relieve stress in a variety of body areas (intimate or not) without anyone wondering what it's for (meaning you can use it in the living room). 

Easy to clean and put away in a drawer (for added storage and sanitization check out the Sugar Sak). You can use it in water, but not as a submergible device (that would be awesome though) so the shower, not the tub.

And if you want you can use it on your neck, shoulders, or any other body part that just has regular life given tension.

Comes boxed with the magnetic cord (no batteries here) and is shipped in discreet packaging.  If it's a gift, we can help you pick complimentary items for the occasion and can include a personalized gift card. 

As with all devices, read the directions carefully so you get the maximum benefit and if you have any allergic reactions stop using immediately.